web design & development


Fatz Cafe is a staple among Southern restaurants and is known for their poppy seed rolls and Southern hospitality. Initially, however, their website was not friendly or helpful. Infinity Marketing was challenged to recreate their web experience to raise it above the sea of Southern dining restaurants and align it with their brand aesthetic. Alongside our Creative Director, Back-end Developer, my role was to design and develop the front-end of the website, with assistance from other designers.


The result of the website redesign was an alignment with the unique Southern personality of Fatz Cafe. We created a web experience that is warm and inviting though still simple and clean, a feeling of being home and relaxed and full of great Southern food. The website building process was informed by an extensive UI and UX discovery and built on standards of the web development industry, with goals of the website being easily expanded upon in the future.

UI & UX Design

The interface of Fatz Cafe’s website is very modular, utilizing a standard 12 column grid. We created unique design pieces that could be easily customizable though still quickly edited. Their menu consists of over 100 items and utilizes an accordion-style framework to organize content so it is easy to find and scan based off the food you are most interested in.

The majority of the web traffic for Fatz is mobile-based, so we designed the website with a mobile-first structure. We achieved this goal by removing excess content and minimizing the need for excessive scrolling in the mobile user experience.

We have continued to build upon the Fatz website with quarterly menu promotions that include custom-themed landing pages. Each promotion focuses on a specific style of food and we created a unique experience that matches the style of food while still maintaining the Fatz brand standards and a cohesive user experience across the website.


The Fatz website had its fair share of development hurdles, including integrating into the Cafe Enterprises internal systems as well as Authorize.net and Aloha. Our first hurdle came when the development process needed to be cut by a third in order to meet an accelerated deadline. Along with another developer,my responsibility was to create a modular, front-end that could easily be updated by the client.

I worked on creating a modular SASS system that could be easily expanded upon as the website continued to grow. A focus on long-term growth for the website and fast loading speeds dominated our development cycle.