branding | web design & development


Regulus is a rising music artist who creates unique sounds & melodies to disrupt a segmented, genre-based industry. I was challenged to create the branding and website experience for this new artist that would elevate him from a sea of “genre” based artists and display his unique style and sound.


My goal was to create an experience that would connect an individual to Regulus in a deep honest level. The aesthetic and sound styling that Regulus produces contrasts grit and grime with smooth and clean. The marriage of those two styles is something I translated in both the branding and web design.


The Regulus branding consists of two elements: an icon for general use and a word mark for more extended uses. The design is a marriage of classical styling and unique textures. The logo is a nod to medieval and royal stylings with a dark, surreal twist. The logo textures were handcrafted using a mixture of ink, acrylic and ink powder and then photographed and edited.

UI & UX Design

The goal of the website was to create a deep connection with the user through simple interactions and a flowing structure. Allowing generous amounts of space and focusing on individual elements, gives the layout a narrative approach. The entire tone of the website is very deep and rich with highlights of color to attract attention to specific elements.


The website was built on Hugo, a static site generator, then ported into, a CMS built for static site generators. This gave the site a streamlined development process and allowed me to cut out a lot of bulk that can come with needing a CMS. I utilized Rellax.js to create the parallax scrolling effects and give the site more depth. The layout was built on a custom grid that I created to match the design of the website.


The photography used for the branding and website needed to meld seamlessly into the background. So instead of trying to photoshop an existing image, I created a photostudio, complete with a backdrop and professional lights, and shot the portraits myself. This process allowed me to create a custom portrait that fit the overall aesthetic of the website.