The Cliffs

web design | HTML5 banners | video


The Cliffs approached Infinity Marketing to create a campaign around their new Golf Membership program,an exclusive membership that allows 75 individuals the ability to play on The Cliffs seven world-class golf courses throughout the year. Our goal was to increase awareness about this exclusive opportunity.


As a team, we created a campaign that spanned across a variety of mediums, including print, web, email, digital banners, and video. My role was to design a website based off the Cliffs’ internal web design standards that they  could build on a short turn around, as well as to assist in the development of HTML5 assets and the creation of three video spots that would serve as one of the pillars of their marketing campaign.

UI & UX Design

I created a design that followed their internal web design structure closely while still creating a unique experience that separated the website from their other micro-sites. My initial concept revamped their internal layout and approached the experience from an exclusive, luxury feel. Unfortunately, the development timeline didn’t allow enough time to build out the new layout before the campaign launch. Because of the short turn around time, we focused on imagery and content for the new website to create an unique experience that accurately portrayed the many advantages of the Cliffs Golf membership.

HTML5 Banners

Digital banners were utilized to drive traffic to the website. I developed these banners to follow the similar style of the website and direct mail initiativein order to tie the campaign together.