The Wedding

branding | web design & development


I would be lying if I said the challenges of this project compared to any normal client project.  Though working on a project without conventional pressures tends to spark new challenges, I wanted to create a unique experience for our wedding guests, most of whom had never been to Greenville, SC. So I challenged myself to create a website that would allow our guests to RSVP directly on the website and learn more about the city they would be visiting.


I wanted to create a branding mark that showcased our unique personalities, though still being distiguishable as a wedding mark. The mark infused our first initials together and portrays a coming together and two becoming one.

UI & UX Design

The overall aesthetic of the website is meant to convey a sense of class and tradition, while still staying true to our unique styles. I created sections in the site to simplify the user experience focus on absorbing the content of each section, and make it easier to digest and remember.  We simplified the copy and focused on typography and type pairings to make reading easy for everyone visiting the site.

I introduced some motion design into the website to create visual interest and to reinforce key information, such as the date in our logo mark on the site load.


For this project, I utilized smart scroll.js to control the scrolling of the website. I normally would argue against scroll jacking, but the section layout offered the opportunity to create a unique experience and further the absorption of content. I also used Fancybox, Images Loaded, and Masonry to create a masonry gallery of our engagement photos that would rearrange on screen resize and allow an older generation the ability to zoom in on photos and view them in a gallery format.