Xfinity Microsites

web design & development


XFINITY is one of the largest cable television, internet, and phone providers in the world, boasting an immense array of services that are constantly changing and improving.  XFINITY challenged the Infinity team to create a modular design and development framework that could be utilized to create service updates on the microsite’s based on key locations.


We created a versatile, multilingual, and easily customizable website framework, that could be versioned out with package and service changes based on different areas. Each website consisted of interchangeable elements  that allowed an entire website to be versioned and launched in less than one business day for immediate effect on an area.

UI & UX Design

We designed the website on a basic twelve column grid with modular elements that would allow the site to be versioned out quickly, but still would maintain a consistent design approach. We tackled the confusing package change information in a simple and clear layout that showcased the current offerings with clear pricing and features. The design allows a user to quickly determine their potential needs and the changes to their current services.


The website framework was built on bootstrap to create an inclusive editing experience for quick changes by any developer or designer, without burdening the framework with a CMS like Wordpress or a custom framework they would need to learn.  We utilized PHP to create the multilingual functionality that was built into each page instead of creating individual pages for each language.