Hey I’m Lee Campbell, a digital designer based in Greenville, SC where I’m working @MoonClerk & renovating a house with my wife Emily. I‘m fond of learning new things and sort of classify myself as a generalist designer who enjoys the entire gamut of design, photography, illustration, and front-end development.

Craft & TheoryDesign Lead2018 - 2020
Infinity MarketingSenior Digital Designer2013 - 2019
UnicommFreelance Motion Designer2012
This Website

I built this site to serve as a feed of projects that I’m working on, and concepts i’ve created for my personal mental archive and so friends and collegues can see what I’m up too. It’s not a portfolio, CV, or marketing site. With that in mind I decided to stretch my design and development muscles in more conceptual directions and used some tools and libraries I’ve wanted to play around with. Noticed something broken or weird, odds are there’s some weird buggy code I’ve written. Hit me up.

  • NextJS
  • SWR
  • GraphCMS
  • Vercel
  • GSAP
  • ASScroll
  • CurtainsJS
  • Figma